Paz de Cristo!

I am excited to officially announce to everyone our nominee for the February Employee of the Month. Congratulations to Sis. Sylvia Guerra on receiving this nomination!

Sis. Sylvia is a long standing employee of the General Offices, having worked for us since April of 2014, first as our receptionist for more than seven years! Most recently, she was promoted and joined the General Secretariat team, where she now serves as an excellent Office Clerk! Sis. Sylvia has many impressive qualities including an incredible drive and determination to be excellent at her work. Sis. Sylvia makes every day in the office a better day with her fun and bright personality.

Here’s what some of her peers had to say about working with her:

“I would like to nominate Sister Sylvia Guerra because she generously gives of herself, her finances, and her time. She brings the employees and management burritos, snacks, coffee, etc., of her own cost. She does not mind lending a hand when needed. She has been doing great since being promoted to General Secretary Office Clerk. She is quick to get things done and ready for her next task.”

“I love her hype energy and friendship.”

“Sis. Sylvia is one of the hardest workers at the General Office. She is great to work with and she is always so encouraging to everyone around her.”