The School of Planters September 2023 was a tremendous blessing to those in attendance. We had a three-day event full of intense courses to equip and edify our future Church Planters.

Day one we were able to hear the vision from our Bishop President Felipe Salazar, in which we were empowered to fulfill the mission. Following, we received the tools that will be of great help in starting this new journey, with courses that were of such edification for all the students.

Courses such as The Strategy of Jesus for Church Planters, Spiritual Authority, Church Growth, The Natural Development of the Church, and such. The journey does not end here. The students will be mentored and will receive a follow-up and capacitation by one of our School of Planters committee members. Alongside the vision of our President and the Department of National Mission, we believe we will reach 300 new works and plant the Apostolic flag in every state of the USA.

We know the future of the church is in good hands, as we expand the Kingdom of God planting one new work at a time. Building the church, beginning in Jerusalem.

Christian Gonzalez
Executive Assistant
National Missions Department