Celebrating 50 Years of Flor Azul


What a wonderful time to be part of the Apostolic Assembly Dorcas! This is year 50th since the inception of the Flor Azul project and oh what a journey it has been! Is it possible that stemming from the giving heart of sister Lita Alvarez, a “Still Standing” woman, who desired to sponsor missionary Roberto Saavedra in 1968 with $5.00 that a fully functioning fund for international missionaries now exists? The answer is a resounding, yes!

The vision of our pioneers was to be a blessing to Apostolic international missionaries and help them from the home front. The Blue Flower (Project) was the vision given to Sis. Lita as she reflected on the color most connected with men, water, and how missionaries were fishers of men called by God to preach the Gospel, hence, the Blue Flower. The first offering of $16.00 was obtained by selling blue flowers for a donation at the 1968 National General Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1972, the project continued under Dorcas Confederation President Maria Fraijo who formed the first national committee for the Blue Flower Project. Funds obtained that year were sent as a Christmas gift to the missionaries. Finally, in 1973, the Blue flower project was officially adopted by all federations in the Apostolic Assembly and the amount of $777.34 was gathered. This amount was divided among all the existing missionaries and their families and sent as a Christmas gift as well.

Fast forward to 2022. What has the Blue Flower project accomplished? The list is literally endless. During the previous administration, under the leadership of Dr. John Fortino and International Missions Bishop Secretary Andy Provencio, the Blue Flower project was successful in funding international missions from 23 countries to 43 counties by the end of the 2022 term. This is exponential growth. The Apostolic Assembly now has missionaries in 43 countries that are separated into seven regions. The gospel of salvation in the name of Jesus is being preached in so many languages and the need for speakers of additional languages such as French is dire at this time for the continent of Africa and for continued work in Europe. The Blue Flower Project in conjunction with the Walk-a-Thon project supplies the financial need for all of the international missions –for their homes, their ministry work, their transportation, and for the souls that they are reaching. Our grand total for the 2022 Flor Azul project was $2,630,808.32 which will effectively push forward our mission to expand the kingdom of God with power and help as we continue to Build the Church!

Contact the National Dorcas Confederation to learn more about the Flor Azul Project’s golden anniversary and about developing a personal, elevated culture of giving thereby participating in facilitating the Great Commission, given by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.