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The LEADERSHIFT Podcast is an official podcast of the Apostolic Assembly that focuses on leadership development and growth in your personal life and in your ministry. Hosted by Rev. Gabriel Gonzalez, this show dives deep into leadership from a biblical lens and provides leaders with tools and resources to expand their leadership. YOU ARE CALLED TO LEAD. YOU ARE CALLED TO GROW.

Host Bio

As an Apostolic, Spirit-filled believer and leader, Rev. Gabe Gonzalez is a passionate advocate for the personal growth and development of new leaders in the Church. He believes that there is a direct link between becoming a pleasing disciple of Christ and growing in ministry and leadership. Gabe is the author of the book, Seeds: Essential Principles of Christian Leadership which focuses on developing leadership skills and traits that are required to lead in ministry. In 2020, he graduated from the University of Redlands, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Human Resources Management. Professionally, he currently serves as the Manager of the Apostolic Assembly Corporate Office and he is also the Real Estate Administrator for the Apostolic Assembly. Each week, Gabe can be found serving in ministry at his local church with his lovely wife, Marina, and their four children. Gleaning from the wisdom and experience of great leaders, and men of God, in his life, his mission is to pour everything he’s received back into others, by helping people realize that they are called to grow and are called to lead in God’s Kingdom.






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April 28 Premieres at 8am (PDT) Bishop Felipe A. Salazar SHOW NOTES DOWNLOAD

Youtube Podcast

May 25 Premieres at 8am (PDT) Former National MOP President
Pastor Jacob Rodriguez,
He is the founder and pastor of CityLight Church in Mountain View, CA, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Jacob holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology and has authored many books.

June 30 Premieres at 8am (PDT) EPISODE 2: LEADING THE HOMEFRONT
Part 2 “Leadership in Marriage”
Pastor Tim and Jenelle Arroyo
Highest Praise Apostolic Church
Premieres at 8am (PDT) Episode 3 – Leading the Homefront Series Part 3
Episode Focus: Leadership in Parenting. Dive into the roles of parenting and how
important it is to lead as a parent. Talk about real world issues we are facing
today. Talk about leadership from the Christian/Apostolic perspective.
Guest: George & Dina Barbosa
Nov 31 Premieres at 8am (PDT) Episode 4 – Leadership Wellness Series Part 1
Episode Focus: Spiritual Wellness. This mini-series deals with the spiritual,
emotional, and physical wellness of leadership. In order for us to lead well we
must be well. This episode will focus on Spiritual Wellness. Talk about spiritual
health and disciplines of leadership.
Guest: Pastor Jimmy Morales
Dec. Premieres at 8am (PDT) Episode 5 – Leadership Wellness Series Part 2
Episode Focus: Emotional Wellness. This episode will focus on the mind and the heart being well. Talk about the importance of a strong mind and a guarded heart.
Guest: Dr. Joel Dominguez
Jan. Premieres at 8am (PDT) Episode 6 – Leadership Wellness Series Part 3
Episode Focus: Physical Wellness. This episode will focus on the physical
wellness and daily disciplines/habits of leadership. Getting very practical in daily
habits of leadership skills. Health talk.
Guest: Dr. Mark Amin & Dr. Angie Velasquez
Feb. Premieres at 8am (PDT) Episode 7 – Leading Under Pressure
o Episode Focus: Leaders deal with a lot of pressure; responsibility and weight on
shoulders. Problem-solving, hard decisions, motivating and inspiring others,
difficult situations, lack of resources, etc. How to lead under pressure? Guest: Pastor Jeffrey Rodriguez (Former Men’s President)
Mar. Premieres at 8am (PDT) Episode 8 – Leading the Gen Z Generation
Episode Focus: Many of Gen Z (and younger) are entering the workforce and are coming into places of work and ministry. How to lead them? How does the way they think and operate differ from what we may be used to? What motivates them? How can we lead them effectively? What are some of the dangers of failing to lead them?
Guest: Pastor, MOP President Waldo Moreno
Feb. Premieres at 8am (PDT) Episode 9 – Leading through Conflict
Episode Focus: Most people avoid conflict. Leaders need to engage with conflict and create some form of conflict resolution. What are ways to lead through conflict? How can we create conflict resolution? How do you know when to address conflict? When do we avoid it? Guest: President John Fortino
April Premieres at 8am (PDT) Episode 10 – Dear Me Series (Part 1)
Episode Focus: Dear Younger Me. This series focuses on self-reflection and introspection; lessons we’ve learned. Who were we 10 years ago? What stage of life were we in? What things was God teaching us? What lessons of leadership
did you wish you knew then, that you know now? Advice to your younger self. Guest: Jonathan & Dr. Janae Quezada
May. Premieres at 8am (PDT) Episode 11 – Dear Me Series (Part 2)
Episode Focus: Dear Present Me. This episode reflects on who we are today. What stage of leadership/life are we in? What are some lessons God is currently teaching us? What things are we still trying to figure out? Advice to yourself now
(people in the same stage of life). Guest:
June Premieres at 8am (PDT) Episode 12 – Dear Me Series (Part 3)
o Episode Focus: Dear Future Me. This episode reflects on leaders and role models who are older than us – people we aspire to be like. What things do we see in older generations that we appreciate? What things do we hope to become? What advice could we give to ourselves to hang on to for the future me?