Welcome to the LEADERSHIFT Podcast! We believe that everyone is called to lead and called to grow.

We are excited to offer this podcast in both audio and video format. You can listen on your favorite podcast platforms, like Spotify or Apple Podcasts, or you can watch our podcast by visiting our YouTube channel. Stay connected with us throughout the week by following us on Instagram (@leadershiftpodcast).

In the first premiere, which airs on April 28, 2023, our host, Rev. Gabe Gonzalez, lays a foundation for the podcast by examining the calling to lead and grow through a biblical lens. The information this podcast provides is designed to equip leaders in every stage of life and ministry to lead better and to experience personal growth. No matter how great or small your leadership experience is, everyone has room for growth. This too is biblical. Tune in each month, get a copy of the show notes, and open your heart and mind to learn something new!

Premieres April 28, 2023 at 8am

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